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barackobama2008's Journal

Barack Obama for President
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Basic ground rules:
  1. All posts must relate to Barack Obama or the 2008 elections in some form or fashion. "Relate" is used liberally. Puns always intended.
  2. Fanfic posts are considered off-topic and will be deleted. There are plenty of other places on LiveJournal for this activity.
  3. No personal attacks will be tolerated. This is politics, not beanbag, and people will be saying things that will hurt your feelings, will piss you off, and will make you want to eat an entire tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. But attack the ideas, not the person.
  4. Please cite any articles or other clips with a link - it'll help your credibility and it'll help everyone else know what you're talking about.
  5. Except to correct typos, mis-directed comments, or the like, don't delete comments - it just creates more drama. If a thread is deteriorating, just back away and let it die, don't delete comments/posts etc.
  6. All posts must have comments enabled.
  7. Don't post images wider or taller than 400 pixels without an LJ-cut; If necessary, make a thumbnail; this can be done with MS Paint on a PC or with ToyViewer on a Mac. All videos must be behind an LJ cut. Some folks will be viewing this community from work or from slow connections, and this is common courtesy.
  8. Please don't post multiple posts on the same topic - I'd like to implement the same rule used at DailyKos - one post on a subject, and if you accidentally post a second post on the same topic, please re-direct discussion to the first post and delete your post. I'd like to keep posting open for now, but if this gets too out-of-hand we'll have to switch to moderated posting.
These rules are a work in progress - I look forward to any input - this is everyone's community.

To contact the Management, please reply to this post. Your comment will be screened for anonymity but all of the moderators are tracking this post so as to be notified of comments.

This community is founded by xiaomi, and current moderators are:
heroine68 | jazzypom |miss_opinion | snowflake_girl | txvoodoo | xiaomi

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